To blog or not to blog, that is the question

A friend of mine asked me not too long ago whether or not she needs a blog.  She’s a wonderful writer with a fabulous book she wants to see published, and she read that before she even submits a query to an agent, she should have a website or a blog.  She needs a platform.

I’ve heard the same thing, over and over again. Blog, tweet, get your name out there.  Agents love the client who already has a following.  I don’t feel qualified to tell anyone what an agent wants or doesn’t want (other than a great book that will sell) but I do have to believe that if the book is terrific, and you find the right agent, and the right publisher comes along, your book will sell, even if you’ve been living under a rock and have never been on the internet.  A lot of ifs, I know, and certainly a huge following can’t hurt, but I hope that in the end, it’s the writing that matters.

The most important thing to remember, I think, is that a blog is just one more outlet for your writing.  If you’re a fiction writer, and blogging (or Facebook or Twitter) takes time away from the real work, the real writing, then don’t do it.  If you can balance blogging with your other writing, and you enjoy it, go ahead.  Just don’t do it because you think you have to.

I have fun with this blog, and I love the connections I’ve made through it, but it’s not my main focus.  My main focus is my fiction.  Sometimes I don’t post every week.  That’s usually a good sign. It means I’m off the internet and writing.


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