Dear Santa – a Wish List for Writers

Santa –

I know it’s tough coming up with stuff to put under the tree for all those readers and writers on your list. You must get tired of leaving the same old bookmarks and mugs and mousepads. So, in case you need a little help – and who doesn’t ?– here are my suggestions for some goodies you might not have seen or thought of.

1. I can’t speak for all the other writers and readers out there, but I’ve been very very good this year, and, well, you know, if you need a hint for me, I really love these bookshelf paintings. You can get a personalized painting of a bookshelf with a writer’s or reader’s favorite books, up to fifteen of them. Or a writer’s own books. (In case you don’t know, Santa, if Stephen King asks for this, he’ll need more than one) And for the book lovers on your list who maybe haven’t been quite as good as me, there are prints – of writing book shelves, Jane Austen bookshelves, Cook book shelves, Twilight bookshelves, and even children’s bookshelves for the nursery, for only $26. Notecards, too, so we can send you a thank you.

2. Forget diamonds. This vintage typewriter key jewelry is a writer’s best friend. I dig the necklaces (hint hint).

3. A gift certificate for a writing class is always appreciated. For those on your list living in central Virginia, WriterHouse is the place to go for classes. For the ones don’t live near a place to take a class, there are lots of classes online, too, from basic to advanced, beginning the first story all the way to marketing a book.  A membership to a writing organization (again, see WriterHouse) is great, too.

4. This board game is just the thing to help break through writer’s block, plus it’s an excellent way to avoid actually writing (something every writer is constantly looking for). Players work together to create stories combining improbable genres, settings, and characters.

5. Books are great, and we all love gift certificates from local indie bookstores. We also love Poets & Writers Magazine, so a subscription to this is a no-brainer. Or how about a subscription to one of the literary journals or magazines we’re always sending our stuff to without ever having read an issue? The New Yorker, Tin House, and One Story are good choices.

6. Chocolate. No explanation necessary.

7. You can go still go with mugs, Santa, but try these special mugs for writers instead of the usual generic ones. If you’re looking for one for me, though, I already have the “Write Like a Motherf**ker” one.

8. How about a gift certificate for a massage, Santa? Writers have chronic muscle aches from hunching over the keyboard, you know.

9. I know how you love coming up with humorous items for stocking stuffers, just to remind us that you are indeed jolly. For one stop shopping for these, I suggest your elves check out Café Press. They have all kinds of groovy things for writers, from tee shirts to writers’ thongs to Shakespeare insults magnets.

10. This last one is tough, but hey, you are magic, after all. I mean, that whole flying sleigh thing proves it, right? So please, Santa, give all my writing friends joy in their work, the strength to withstand rejection, and the courage to tell the stories they need to tell. And some chocolate.


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