Georgia on my mind

Tomorrow I leave for Hambidge, and already my brain is drifting into the WIP (work in progress, for those unfamiliar).  It’s been too long since I’ve gotten any substantial work done, and I’m anxious to get back into my fictional world.  I’ve been dreaming about the main character lately, which is a good sign, and I’ve been creating scenes in my head while driving.  Writers really shouldn’t be allowed to drive when in the middle of writing a novel.

So, the suitcases and books are packed, my lucky writing totems are boxed up (more about those another post), and enough music is downloaded into my iPod to last a year.  I still need to pick up a few things at the store, like batteries for my flashlight, but I’m about ready to roll.

Internet is only available in the main building at Hambidge, and cell service is non-existent, so there will be few distractions to keep me from my work.  I have a box of books to read when I need downtime, a few dvds to watch, and of course there are 600 acres to explore when I need fresh air.

So, I’ll try to post every week while I’m gone, but I’m not making any promises. If you don’t hear from me until December, have a great Thanksgiving.  Remember what it’s all about and really be thankful.  I know I am.


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