A Snow Day in Charleston

I never thought I’d have to miss work down here because of snow and ice, but the Ravenel Bridge from Mt. Pleasant where I live into downtown Charleston where I work has been iced over and closed since last night.  I spent a good part of the morning writing, waiting for the bridge to open back up (which it still hasn’t at almost 11:00pm). This snow day was a gift really, because I couldn’t come up with excuses to run errands, and since I’d cleaned my condo top to bottom yesterday, I couldn’t be distracted by dusty lampshades or dirty dishes.  So I wrote.  And it felt illicit and exciting and valuable because it was stolen time. As I wrote, I looked out of the window every now and then and thanked the weather gods for this gift of time.  But as magical as it was, it sure didn’t make me miss Virginia winters.









By the way, it’s supposed to be 70 on Sunday.  Now that’s my kind of winter weather.


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