A Book Lover’s Thanks

I have so many things in my life to be thankful for:  beautiful, intelligent daughters, a supportive and loving family, good friends, a magical city to call home.  As a reader and writer, I also have much to remember on this day of Thanksgiving.  And since this blog is (mostly) dedicated to bookish things, I want to give thanks here for:

  1. All the amazing writers out there who sweat over each paragraph, each sentence, each word to create worlds I become lost in and characters I fall in love with.
  2. All my bookish friends, both readers and writers, those smart, interesting souls who love good stories and encourage me to try to write them.
  3. My writing group, who shares amazing work with me weekly and pushes me to share mine.
  4. My Nook.  Yes, Ali and Lauri, you were right – it changed my life.  No more carrying 10 books in my suitcase every time I travel.
  5. Twitter.  Yep, Twitter.  Because it’s there I often learn about new books that end up becoming favorites.

Mostly, I am thankful that when I was growing up my mother and other adults encouraged my love of books.  Reading has been a blessing in my life since I was barely able to sound out the words, and my life has been richer because of it.


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