Loving the Day Job

I love history.  I’m also a water girl – though Charlottesville is beautiful, my big complaint was always that it is just too far from the ocean.  So what more could I ask than to live in this city on the coast so proud of her past?

How about a job on the Battery in one of the most photographed houses in Charleston?  I waited a long time to find the perfect place to work (no institutional hotel or office building for me), and my patience has paid off.  I started last week at Two Meeting Street Inn, a beautiful nine room inn overlooking White Point Gardens and, beyond that, the Charleston Harbor.

Two Meeting Street Inn

Besides writing, hospitality is my thing.  I love giving a guest an amazing experience, going above and beyond expectations.  I love sharing this city with newcomers.  Two Meeting Street Inn gives me the chance to do that, in a gorgeous and gracious setting.

I will need to revise my writing schedule, because my day now starts much earlier and I won’t be able to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning any more.  But I’ve always said that if you really want to write, you’ll find time.  And writing, I think, whatever time you do it, is much easier when you are happy with your day job.

So if you’re in Charleston, please come by and see me and I’ll give you a tour of Two Meeting Street Inn.  And if you want to stay in a romantic and beautiful historic home South of Broad, check us out. You’ll fall in love with Number Two Meeting, just like I did.


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