Picture This

I spent a few days last week at Litchfield Beach.  I went for a meeting about an event I’m doing, but stayed an extra day to sit in the sun and try to knock out a nasty cold I’ve been battling.  And as usually happens when I sit and do nothing, I saw story ideas everywhere.  So I took pictures to help me remember the feeling of sitting on that beach with the wind blowing and the tourists mostly gone.  I’ll use them not only to remember, but also for writing exercises if I need a little jolt of inspiration. I always take my camera with me for that very reason.  I’m not a great photographer, but I enjoy trying to create a story with my pictures.

There was one picture that I tried over and over again to get but just wasn’t quick enough.  Butterflies are migrating over the marshes right now, hundreds of yellow and orange and white butterflies, looking like flower petals blown from the sky.  It was so amazing I really wanted a shot of it.  But apparently butterflies in migration don’t land very often, and it’s nearly impossible for someone with my limited abilities to take a picture of a flying butterfly.  I did get an idea for a story though, and have filed it away for when I need a break from “the big thing.”

Below are a few of the many pictures I took.  Feel free to find stories there, too.


2 thoughts on “Picture This

    1. I sometimes use old family photos too. I have a bunch from flee markets that I’m saving because I find them interesting. Being a writer is a little like being a crow, don’t you think? We pick up bright shiny things and take them to the nest, not even sure how to use them.

      Can’t wait to read the new novel!

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