Links for Word Nerds

There are so many great sites and blogs out there for readers and for writers.  But the time it takes to find them can be much better used reading or writing, so I’ve put together a list to save you some of that precious time and to introduce you to some of my favorites.  Enjoy – but don’t spend all of your time on the internet – there are books to be read and written.

For readers:

Book Riot – a website about all things book.  “Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are.”  They are book geeks to the max.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, you’ll always find something interesting.

The Book Lady’s Blog – smart and fun blog about books.  “The Book Lady’s Blog features reviews of literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, and some memoirs. You’ll also find recaps of author events and my take on publishing industry news and issues… Literary fiction is my first love, and I’m a reader who reads for writing and language more than story. Lately, I’ve been discovering a new appreciation of genre fiction, and I’ll read just about anything a trusted bookseller puts in my hands.”

Friday Reads – a website, twitter account, and Facebook page for readers to share what they are reading.  “Because we believe that reading makes the world a better place, every Friday, thousands of people post what they’re reading to celebrate and encourage reading.”  I’ve been introduced to lots of great new books through Friday Reads.

Between the Covers – another great blog about books by book lovers.  “We are a group of life-long voracious readers who always have a book… or three… on hand. Our interests are many and varied, so we’re sure to always find something we like.”

For writers:

Perpetual Folly – Perhaps best known for his annual ranking of literary magazines based on Pushcart wins and noms, Cliff Garstang’s blog is also full of info about the business and the craft of writing.

Ask Allison – “The place to post questions and find answers on all of your too-afraid-to-ask concerns, hesitancies and worries about breaking into the publishing field. Have a question? Email me or post in the comment box.”

Erika Dreyfus – one of the sites I found through cvillewords (see below) “Are you a writer? Then you MUST subscribe to this newsletter: Welcome to Practicing Writing! Here you’ll find updates on writing and publishing opportunities (especially handy between issues of our popular monthly newsletter). You’ll discover ONLY opportunities that charge no fees, and ONLY publications/contests that will pay for your writing. The blog also shares writing-related news, resources, and quotations; book reviews; and occasional updates regarding this practicing writer’s own work.”

For both:

Charlottesville Words – Elizabeth McCullough – Not just for those in Charlottesville, this smart blog has links to some of the best the web has to offer for readers and writers.  “Welcome to Charlottesville Words, a blog for readers and writers in the greater Charlottesville area. My name is Elizabeth, and I moved to Charlottesville a couple of years ago with my husband and kids. I love to read, I’m working on becoming a better writer, and I’m thrilled to be living in a community with so many bookstores, writing groups, exciting authors, and serious readers.”


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