It takes a village to write a novel

Today I realized that there is no choice – I have to finish my book.  Otherwise I’ll be letting countless people down.  Friends and family who believe in me, despite the odds.  People who take for granted there will be a book.  I have to finish, if for no other reason than to live up to their expectations.  There really is no other option.

It’s amazing to me to discover how many people in my life have a stronger belief in my abilities than I do.  In the solitary world of the writer, I often forget that.  And then an old friend steps in to remind me that my writing is not just mine alone – there are many others vested in my success.

Jenny Stott at King Family Vineyard
Jenny, one of the peeps in my village

So, Jenny, as much as it might embarrass you to be singled you out, thank you.  For reminding me that I’m not alone in this crazy dream, no matter how alone it feels.  For reminding me yet again how blessed I am to have so many wonderful friends, and to have such a wonderful support system.  For making me want to succeed.

I don’t care how successful a writer is.  We all need to have a support system.  A support system with people out there waiting anxiously for our masterpieces.  A support system full of people who truly care whether we make it or not, who truly care about our work.

If you are a writer but don’t feel supported in your work, you really should rethink your relationships.  Because if you are a writer, you need to feel safe and loved and believed in.  Period. There are too many rejections on a daily basis to do it alone.  So hold tight to those people who support you  in your dreams.  And dump the ones who don’t.

Maybe that sounds harsh to you.  But what you are doing is important.  Trust it. Believe in it.  And when someone else believes in you, cherish that, and honor it.  There is no greater gift.


8 thoughts on “It takes a village to write a novel

  1. Christy –
    I always thought you would finish your book – it never occurred to me that you might not have thought that! It doesn’t matter whether or not it is a ‘masterpiece’ (not everyone can be Tolstoy), what matters is that you live up to your personal dream. What else is there?
    I am sure we were meant to run into each other that night in Marshalls so you would come into my writing group. I am sure I was supposed to send Burnley that xmas card so she would join our group as well. I know that these connections are what keep us strong and moving forward…..You have the support of so many who love you.
    Hope to see you sometime soon.
    Don’t stop telling your story.
    Best, Roberta

    1. If not for you, I wouldn’t be doing what I love. Or at least it would have taken longer to find my way back to it. Things are meant to happen the way they do – I really believe that. And no, there really never was a doubt I would finish the novel. But it’s wonderful to have so many people believe in me when the monsters of self-doubt come calling. Thanks for being one of the people who helps hold them at bay. And hope to see you soon. Miss you. Miss your beautiful writing too.

    1. This one feels like it may take a large city of people to help chase away the doubts before it’s done. But then, that many people will eventually make for a great pub party, right? And you’ll be at the top of the invite list!

  2. I’m so looking forward to reading your book when it is finished. I really love everything you’ve written. I want to read more from you! And you have always been so wonderfully supportive of me.Thank you for that.

    1. Oh Kate how I miss your beautiful writing voice. Can’t wait to read what you do next. And of course you wil be one of the first to read my book when I’ve finally finished it. Promise.

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